Factors Some Homeowners Overlook When Choosing a Lawnmower

When choosing a lawnmower, you want to ensure you look for all the right features that will make quick and easy work of mowing your lawn; this includes more than just opting for a riding mower or one with a wide cutting deck. Certain features can actually protect you and make using the mower easier on you, but it's not unusual for homeowners to overlook many of these when shopping, choosing instead to just buy the biggest mower or one with the strongest engine. Note some features you'll want to consider when choosing a lawn mower and why they're so important.

1. Position of bag

Mowers that have an attached bag may have them in the back or along the side. But a side bag may get in the way of trees, landscaping features, and the like. If your lawn or property has a lot of trees and other such features, you'll want the bag in the back so you can easily turn around the base of trees or your landscaping borders without the bag getting in the way. For flat lawns without much vegetation or landscaping, you can opt for the bag in either position, but ensure that it doesn't get in your way if you choose a walk-behind mower with a bag in the back. Stand behind the mower before you buy it and note if you can easily maneuver itwithout the bag being too close for comfort.

2. Yard's slope

If your yard is very hilly, you want a self-propelled mower or a riding mower, never one that you need to push. This will ensure you don't lose control of the mower when going down the hill. It's also good to get one with a manual transmission so you can change gears when going over rough or hilly terrain. It's also never a good idea to pull the mower behind you and up a hill, as this too is a good way to lose control. Using a self-propelled mower will actually make it easier to get the mower up hills and give you more control on such terrain, so be sure you note your yard's slope when shopping for a new mower.

3. Your physical condition

Be honest with yourself about your physical condition when choosing a lawnmower, and remember that you're only going to get older as the years go by! If you already struggle to push a mower, invest in a self-propelled model or riding mower. Note that your safety may be at risk if you get a manual mower that you cannot readily control because of your physical limitations, and choose one that's easy for you to maneuver and steer without struggling.

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