Upgrade To LED Grow Lights For Higher Yields And Lower Energy Costs

If you are into indoor farming and are still relying on traditional lighting methods, perhaps it's time you upgraded to LED lighting technology. A lot of research has been taking place, looking into LED lights and their benefits in indoor farming. What is becoming very clear is that LED grow lights are the way to go. They can help improve your yields while driving down farming costs, among other benefits. Read on to learn more.

LED lights emit less heat

One of the biggest differences between LED lighting and other lighting types such as HID and incandescent bulbs is that LED lights emit much less heat. This has been known for a long time, but when applied in farming, the difference is staggering and has multiple benefits. For one, lower heat production in a grow farm is better for plants, as they do not get burnt. Two, less heat makes the grow areas cooler and thus manageable to operate in. Also, the lower heat load means accidental fires are not likely to happen. Lastly, since LEDS emit less heat, this means plants can be stationed closer to the light. This effectively means you can stack more plants in your grow house, making full use of your vertical space to maximize output.                                                                                          

LEDs consume less energy

Another huge benefit of using LED grow lights is that they consume less energy. Again, this comes as no surprise considering that they emit less heat. Automatically, this means lower energy bills at the end of each month. In addition to that, LED lights do not use ballasts, which translates to less power consumption compared to their counterparts. However, LED grow lights also help you save on energy costs indirectly by not requiring the use of cooling systems such as fans. So you get lower energy costs, lower costs of production, and wider profit margins.

LED grow lights allow targeted light spectrums for higher growth yields

According to a recent report by Markets Report Hub, LED lights allow farmers to target light spectrums at plants. This is not possible with other lights, which simply provide all the spectrums in a concentrated white glow. With the red and blue spectrums being the most vital for plant growth, you can use blue and red LED grow lights and thus avoid exposing your plants to other spectrums that may be inhibiting plant growth. This will improve your yield levels and protect your plants from harmful light wavelengths available in standard grow lights.

With all the above perks, it's clear that LED grow lights are the future of indoor farming. So make the switch to LEDs and enjoy higher yields, lower energy costs, and cooler grow rooms.