Three Simple Rainwater Tank Maintenance Tips for Farm Owners

When access to treated municipal water is impossible, you may opt for the good-old rainwater storage. Prudent management of water is equally important for an environmentally conscious individual. Even if you have piped water on your property, a rainwater tank can significantly reduce the household water bills while relieving pressure on this scarce resource. However, a rainwater tank will need regular maintenance to be efficient, and to ensure quality and safety of the water.

Factors Some Homeowners Overlook When Choosing a Lawnmower

When choosing a lawnmower, you want to ensure you look for all the right features that will make quick and easy work of mowing your lawn; this includes more than just opting for a riding mower or one with a wide cutting deck. Certain features can actually protect you and make using the mower easier on you, but it's not unusual for homeowners to overlook many of these when shopping, choosing instead to just buy the biggest mower or one with the strongest engine.

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Silage Wagon

If you plan to prepare silage for your livestock to feed on during the non-harvest months, a silage wagon will come in handy. There are plenty of silage wagon types in the market today. If you are in the market for one, this article can help you get started in your quest. Below, find out some of the things you need to consider during your prospecting. Is it new or used?

Upgrade To LED Grow Lights For Higher Yields And Lower Energy Costs

If you are into indoor farming and are still relying on traditional lighting methods, perhaps it's time you upgraded to LED lighting technology. A lot of research has been taking place, looking into LED lights and their benefits in indoor farming. What is becoming very clear is that LED grow lights are the way to go. They can help improve your yields while driving down farming costs, among other benefits. Read on to learn more.

Concrete Vs. Plastic: How to Decide Which Material Is Ideal for a Water Storage Tank

Catching rainwater and holding it in a storage tank can help during a drought season, and can also reduce your utility costs. You can use that water for filling the toilet tank and watering your lawn, and not have to pay as much for water supplied by your city. Before you buy a water storage tank for your property, note a few considerations about each type of tank and the two most popular materials that you'll want to consider carefully.